Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pointless Excess

Grand Lux Cafe now has, at it Garden City, NY location, Kobe beef hotdogs.

I tried some this evening... they taste like hot dogs. Of course that's sort of what I expected; you lose a lot of the benefits of using Kobe beef when you put it through a blender.

Which raises some questions:

  • How much Kobe beef do they have to put into the hot dogs before they can legally call them "Kobe hot dogs"?
  • Why bother?
The latter is really the kicker. I'm a firm supporter of excess, especially when it comes to food, but if you can't taste the difference why bother? If you're Grand Lux Cafe LLC you do it so you can justify charging $11 for 3 tiny little chili dogs.

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Anonymous said...

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- Lucas